CFS(m): universal paradigm for computational flavor synthesis.

We disclose an experimental apparatus and novel methods for ester synthesis in artificial flavor production using off-the-shelf ingredients. This new approach is the direct outcome of our ongoing research in flavor mapping using mass spectrometry on convenience foods. We detail preliminary findings and experimental design, as well as a framework to build on these findings using two key innovations: the Flavor Markup Language (FML) and Synchronous On-Demand Aroma (SODA) Streaming API. On this basis we propose a new universal and distributed paradigm for computational flavor synthesis.

Full Paper - Github


Contribution to Method Quarterly Issue 3: Fictions
In collaboration with Tommaso Lanza

Fictional scientific paper revealing that any flavour in the world can be recreated using Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite (and a little bit of monosodium glutamate). CFS(m) is to flavour what RGB is to colour. 

Research Log